A Few Ways To Increase Your “Winner Mindset”

Even if you work four hours a day, throw five hundred shots, be super strong, endurance, but if you are psychologically weak, you will just lose at competitions because your fear will eat up all your trump cards.

To grow psychologically, an athlete has to be stressed all the time. He has to be stressed at every training session. Regardless-it can be favorable stress, it doesn’t have to be that he’s freaking out, throwing himself around.

He has to be afraid inside.

And when he is afraid, he has different combinations in his head, how to overcome the fear, how to overcome it, and many other nuances.

  • The most important thing to grow psychologically is to compete.
  • The Second Most Important Thing Is Training camps, when all the strongest are gathered, you also experience a little stress, and sometimes not a little, and grow.
  • The third thing is the match meets between clubs when they arrange it. Even if it is closed there, but nevertheless it is a little bit competitive, when some novelty is there, and it also strengthens our psyche, our psychology. Let us go down lower.
  • On the fourth level, this is when we go to other halls on Wrestling Days. They say, “There’s a Wrestlemania Day in this gym.” No matter how psychologically inclined you are, you still have a little bit of a jim-jam.

I remember we used to go to Kyiv regularly for the Wrestling Day. We go 350 kilometers, you go on the train for six hours, you understand, you know these guys, but nevertheless, you walk into the gym, and your heart beats faster.

What your first thought is to try not to lose, to show your best side. And that’s what stress makes you grow.

The next most stressful thing is when they have open Wrestling Days at your gym. That is, when guys from other gyms come to you, kind of a familiar gym, a familiar facility, but guys from other gyms come in, you start to feel scared, too.

Super. When you’re experiencing fear, you’re looking for a solution to get yourself back to a comfortable state. And, the faster you get yourself back, the better your psychology works.

What about those clubs or sections that don’t have other gyms around, maybe they don’t have the money to travel to competitions to compete? That often happens.

But all the same, there are guys in the group who want to become champions, national champions, world champions. There’s still a number of cool ways to grow psychologically. The fact that everyone arranges some sparring days between their own – that’s normal.

But if you make those same sparring days like meetings. That is, everyone sits on their sides, and the coach comes on the mat and says: “This one and that one will fight now”.

And when you’re standing together and everybody’s looking at you, you get stressed because everybody’s looking at you, everybody’s paying attention to you. It’s a cool method, I often have it at my gym when we have competitive meets between our own.

When they wrestle, just, these same guys are going to wrestle with everybody else, they’re not going to feel those emotions. And here, when everyone is seated, and everyone is watching you fight like this, believe me, here you can see all the psychology of your athlete.

Often there are such problems that there are few guys of the same weight and level in the same gym. Sometimes there is a strong one, and another weak, but heavy one. It’s not very convenient to combine.

There is a very cool method, I surfed the Internet, no one talks about it, I will tell you, but first look at a very interesting video that the guys from Sevastopol. They arranged the competition by the rules that I came up with.

These rules, they’re loyal to any age, because they’re less traumatic. The chance of getting injured is very low.

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