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About Course

Online course from world champion Ivan Vasilchuk “Arm Bar”. 

  • All examples based on 28 years worth of experience. 
  • Techniques work for Sambo, BJJ, Judo, Grappling and MMA. 
  • 12 lessons (184 minutes) of detailed instruction of the arm bar. 

Course will help you if:

  • your coach doesn’t help you
  • If you understand that proper technique helps your conditioning 
  • Set up takes too long and no one is threatened by you
  • You’re tired of losing and need a new start
  • You need progress fast 
  • You want to win by submission so your victory is not in judges hands

Study course “Arm Bar” is a great fit for all grapplers.

It’s adapted for both: gi and no gi. There are 12 unique and systematized lessons building up for simple to more complex. We will learn 12 moves from most common position: guard, mount, north-south, turtle, side control and position when opponent on his stomach. So, 12 lessons total. Bonus is the defense against an arm bar and a counter to the defense. 

Uniqueness of the course is that it offers 7 additional drills. Using them you can monitor mistakes, weak spots and develop speed of executing the move. 

In this course 26 years of experience proven in competitions were condensed into an easy format.

the course programm:

1. Basics of an arm bar – first stage. The fastest method of securing the arm. What do your arms and legs do? What to do in order to constantly control your opponent? How to focus his attention on only defending the arm without escaping the position?

2. Basics of an arm bar – stage 2. How to roll your opponent over keeping the tension on his arm? How to tax his arm with your hips? Where to stop your body movement to negate his escape? 

3. Basics of an arm bar – stage 3. Breaking defensive grip using body mass and “nail puller” effect. How to advance your arm towards opponent’s wrist? How to stretch his neck, where to apply pressure with your legs? 

4. Defending an arm bar. How to defend the position using whole body, not just the grip? How to roll your opponent understanding the angle of the attack? 2 ways to overcome the defense and snagging the arm bar?

5. Turn over when opponent clamps up defensively. How to make him to open up the elbows? How to lace your arm? How to switch your arm fast and trap your opponent?

6. How to secure the arm bar from side control?  Side control, where are the 4 points of lever? How to catch the arm when opponent escapes side control? Two options of securing the position. Best control in North-South, where are the 4 points of lever?

7. How to pass guard and finish the arm bar?

Passing in between legs position (guard) by heel control. How to apply an arm bar from side control? What to do if opponent uses frame? 

8. Arm bar from mount. 

Where to apply pressure and how to lace your arm? How to do it advancing on your opponent, “python” effect? How to control two opponent’s elbows and legs without getting tired?

9. Second option from mount. 

How to secure the position in on swift motion when opponent twists and not letting you turn your body? How to use your body to create painful sensation?

10. Arm bar, when the parallel arm is pressed against the stomach? We use “nail puller” and roll him from stomach to his side. How to twist his arm without injuring your wrist? Two ways of turning, depending on his reaction. 

11. Arm bar from guard, when opponent’s hips are high. How to twist your body? Which leg to control to spare your back? Which leg is the pushing one to knock your opponent over towards the side without a post?

12. Arm bar from guard when opponent’s hips are low. How to secure the position in a short motion? How to propel yourself into 360 degrees rotation and straighten his arm immediately?

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