Stand-up Grappling Techniques For Sambo And Bjj – $150

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About Course

What you will learn in each of the 17 lessons:


1. How to stand and walk on the mat?

2. How to control your opponent from 4 directions.

3. How to find the throw which is best suited to you (your chosen throw) and everything you need to know about your chosen throw.

4. 5 variations in execution of your chosen throw.

5. How to disrupt an opponent’s grips when executing your chosen throw.

6. BONUS VIDEO. Breaking Grips, from the live seminar «Working from the Standing Position».

7. Breaking cross-grips.

8. BONUS VIDEO. Breaking Cross Grips, from the live seminar «Working from the Standing Position».

9. Hand Feints — How to properly implement hand movements to deceive an opponent.

10. BONUS VIDEO. Deceiving an Opponent with Hand Movement and Grips, from the live seminar «Working from the Standing Position».

11. Footwork at 3 distances.

12. Footwork with the help of a supporting leg.

13. Footwork with the outer foot.

14. Escaping imbalance with your toes when executing your chosen throw.

15. The importance of knowing your strengths and weaknesses and what to do with them once identified.

16. BONUS VIDEO. 3 Combinations for your Chosen Throw, from the live seminar «Working from the Standing Position».

17. How to properly implement tactics when grappling and which throws are necessary to understand (both from an attacking and defending standpoint).

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Course Content

1 – How To Use Proper Stance And Movement On The Mat?
What will you learn Correct stance Balance Functions of working and supporting legs Hand position Hips, balance supporter Mistakes in leg position How to trail after your opponent Which moves lead to injury How to note partner’s mistakes Compass principle to control opponent in middle distance Which training partners to choose Which combos does your partner uses and how to use them to win Model of ideal movement

  • Lesson 1

2 – Control Of Opponent In 4 Directions
What will you learn Why coach shouldn’t supply you your favorite throw How one team can work on bettering tactics and techniques Which grips can be utilized Why you should write down everything Figure out your move Why one must know one’s pulling arm Figure out your grip How to count your moves given week, month and a year Analysis of competition in regards to your throw How to intensify brain activity ten fold How to control tempo during practice in order to increase your durability How long worl champion’s practice lasts Which mistakes 90% of athletes and coaches make Increase speed of throwing Training motivation through changing your character How to achieve any result changing time, concentration and the number of reps Weekly plan 3 options of how to throw Grips and how to obtain them by the sleeve, back and lapel How to obtain grips quickly Control your opponent from first til last second of the match 5 working combinations which help you win every match How to increase throwing speed

3 – All You Need To Know About Your Favorite Throw

4 – 5 Option Of Obtaining Your Favorite Grip

5 – Breaking Grips And Obtaining Your Grip

6 – Diagonal Grip Breaks With Your Body

7 – Feints With Hands

8 – Foot Work In Three Ranges

9 – Foot Work Of Your Support Leg

10 – Foot Work With The Outside Part Of Your Foot

11 – Off Balancing With Foot Hook Into Your Favourite Takedown

12 – Why Do You Need To Know Your Strong And Weak Suits

13 – How To Wrestle Using Tactical Advantages And Which Throws To Work On?

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