Stand-up Grappling Techniques For Sambo And Bjj


What you will learn:

  1. How To Use Proper Stance And Movement On The Mat?
  2.  Control Of Opponent In 4 Directions
  3.  All You Need To Know About Your Favorite Throw
  4. 5 Options Of Obtaining Your Favorite Grip
  5. Breaking Grips And Obtaining Your Grip
  6. Diagonal Grip Breaks With Your Body
  7. Feints With Hands
  8. Foot Work In Three Ranges
  9. Foot Work Of Your Support Leg
  10. Foot Work With The Outside Part Of Your Foot
  11. Off Balancing With Foot Hook Into Your Favourite Takedown
  12. Why Do You Need To Know Your Strong And Weak Suits
  13. How To Wrestle Using Tactical Advantages And Which Throws To Work On?




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