Sambo from Zero

for adults by Ivan Vasylchuk

12 lessons

Sambo from Zero

for adults by Ivan Vasylchuk

12 lessons

Skills and abilities you will gain over the next 12 weeks:

- An understanding of how to start your journey in grappling.

- An understanding of how to implement proper grappling warm-ups.

- The ability to implement 3 foundational submission techniques on the mat.

- The ability to implement 4 main throws from standing.

- Improvement of your strength and conditioning training.

- The ability to implement a pin/hold in Sambo.

- An understanding of training process is best suited to a beginner-level grappler.

What you will learn in each of the 12 Lessons:

1. Warming up for grapplers. The most important exercises for strength and conditioning for grapplers.

2. Acrobatic exercises for beginner-level grapplers.

3. How to properly walk on the mat.

4. Turning throws in the forward direction.

5. The first throw in Sambo, the forward throw.

6. First pin/hold on the mat.

7. Cross pin/hold (side control) and simple Arm Bar.

8. Rearward throw- Inner reap throw

9. First leg submission, the Heel Hook

10. Your first combination in Sambo, reap throw into Heel Hook

11. First Knee Bar submission

12. Fourth throw, over-the-head throw (Sumi Gaeshi)

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